Khewra Salt Mines

 The 2nd Largest Salt Mine in The World
Khewra Salt Mines is located at the distance of 160 km from Islamabad and 260 km from Lahore in Pind Dadan Khan District Jhelum. It has easy approach via Lahore to Islamabad Motorway through Lilla Interchange. Discovery of Rock Salt dates back to days of Alexander the great.
Complete History of Mines 
326 BC: It was in 326 BC. when khewra salt mine was discovered by licking of out crop salt by the soldiers of Alexander the Great who fought battle with Raja Pourus.
1500 AD ASP Khan local leader of khewra informed the king akbar the extensive amount of salt deposits in khewra. Initial mining got started. 
1809: Sikhs took over the mines from the mughals and made use of the salt present. 
1849: British government took over the khewra salt mine from the sikhs and continued its rule over it. 
1853: A spring of drinkable water was discovered and conveyed through khewra through a woden tunnel. 
1856: Motorable road was built between khewra and P.D Khan 
1872: Dr. Warth first cheif mining engineer who surveyed the complete mines. He introduced the advanced scientific mining system. He laid out main tunnel at the ground level. 
1886: Railway Bridge ( Victoria) was constructed over the river jhelum between the railway junction Malikwal and khewra.1889-90: Salt production crossed 50,000 metric tonnes. 
1902: Hospital established to provide medical facilities to the miners and workers working in the salt mine. 
1914: Production reached to 80,000 metric tonnes. 
1918: For the very first time two steam engines were used in the mines to extract rock salt.924-25: Power house with two electric diesel generating sets of 500 Hp were installed. 
1932: Chain cutter machines were improved further. 
1933: Automatic laoding plant was installed in the mine. 
1971: Mines were switched over to wapda electricity. 
1974: Mines taken over from P.I.D.C 
1998:Mining tub system switched over to tractor trolley system.2002: Khewra Salt mines tourist resort was established. 
2006: Extraction of salt halted and this is now being used as a torist visiting place.No more mining is done in khewra.

Most Memorable Things of Mines
As part of the development of the mine, the authorities have recently refurbished the tourist section to cater to the growing number of visitors. Besides the adventure of visiting a salt mine on a rail system, newer attractions such as replicas of famous monuments have been created which continue to fascinate tourists everyday.
A Shop Keeper is seeling the following things which are made by the Salt Which is really interesting for the Tourist and they really purchase that salted things from the Shop Keeper the list of the Items are That which are also very beautiful and attractive for the Tourist

1.Hand crafted 2,Salt Lamps 3.Hand crafted 4.candle holder 5.Natural Salt 6.candle holder 7.Tea Light Holder/Ligids Salt crafted animal shapes Salt 8.crafted English names 9.Salt Tiles Natural 10.Salt Lamps Crafted 
11.T Salt Lamps
                          Wonders Inside the Mines
Minar-e-Pakistan which is full of lights of different Colour specially bring up the Pink and Red Colour
Assembly Hall which show the building of Pakistani Parliament
Sheesh Mahal which is also decorated with different lights and Tourist always make lot of pictures there 
Post Office The Post Office has two resident postman on duty inside the salt-walled cabin and one can send post to anywhere in the world via here. This also acts as a primary source of contact between tourists visiting the area or residing in nearby hotels while visiting.
Internet Cafe is also there which is really helpful for the Tourist they can easily Communicate to their own people around the world.
Canteen where every thing is available to Eat and Drink easily and which is also Helpful to the Tourist from all over the World
Mosque which is full of different color and which also really attract to the Tourist

As A Tourist Resort 
Khewra salt mine ahas been converted in to a tourist resort. Thousands of tourists visit Khewra Salt Mines every year generating a revenue of more than 4.2 Million. They are amazed by natures sight and its creation inside the mountain. more than 240,000 visitors, comprising college students, general public, and foreigners visit Salt Mines Khewra every year. The Salt Mines Khewra has developed as a big attraction for the tourist.

  • CREATION OF RECEPTION/BRIEFING HALL: A reception has been created as a reception center for tourists.
  • WALKWAY: The walkway connect to other lacalities in the mine.
  • SOUVENIR SHOP: For the convenience of tourist, a souvenir shop has been established in the reception/briefing hall area where tourists can find model lamps and other articles made of salt.
  • ILLUMINATION: Mines asre illuminated by extra lightining that gives out beauty to the salt present.
  • ELECTRIC TRAIN: Electric train has been made for people who cant walk long distances and are in need of the following facility.
  • REFRESHMENT: Seating arrangements have been made in side the mine. Refreshments have been provided inside the mine, where kiosks have been fitted, having sufficient capacity for tourists to relax and enjoy light refreshments.
  • MINE GUIDE: Trained guides are present that guides people and provide vital information about the salt mine.


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