Pakistan Need A Positive Change Please Help Pakistan

Dear Pakistani People Pakistan is our Beautiful and Sweet Country and due to the Corrupt, Insincere, Traitor Politicians, Pakistan is continuesly Crying and in Pain the whole Pakistan Nation is not only in Pain but also dying due to the Corrupt Politicians of Pakistan.We have given several chanced to all the Political Parties Specially Pakistan People Party and Pakistan Muslim Leage Nawaz Group but they always give us Pain, Tensions, Economics and Social Crisis like Electricity Load shading, Sugar Crisis, Floor Crisis, Water Crisis, and all kind of Crisis which are created only by these Corrupt Politicians intentionally.

They have ruined whole Pakistan and they have Pleaded Pakistan into the hands of America.Innocent Pakistani are killed in Drones Attack.Price Hicking, Unemployment, Poverty, Crisis have become the Parts of Pakistan.every True Pakistan is worried due to the recent Circumstances of Pakistan.All the Sugur Mills Owners are Pakistani Politics then why Sugar is Expensive now? Mian Nawaz Sharif and his Family, Fehmida Mirza, Speaker National Assembly, Asif Zardari, have all the Sugar Mills of Pakistan.

All the Floor Mills Owners are also Pakistani Politics. Now the Poltiary Business in Punjab is Related to the Hamza Shebaz who is the Son of Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif.All the rates of Chicken is Fixed by the Order of Hamza Shebaz in whole Punjab.we can Write a Book of 10000000 Pages Against the Corruption of Pakistani Politicians.The purpose of my post is just to Convey the message that Please Save Pakistan.   

All Politicians Have shares in Rental Power Projects therefor the Electricity price is Hiking day by day in Pakistan.Mr Zardari has introduced his Son in Politics, Mr Yousaf Raza Gilliani Introduced his Wife, His 2 Brothers and His Son in Politics, Mr Shebaz Sharif has Introduced His Son Hamza Shehbaz In Politics. Mr Parvaiz Ilahi has introduced His Son Monis Ilahi in Politics. Now Mr Nawaz Sharif is ready to Introduced His Daughter In Politics. What it means? It means they don't want to get out from Pakistan they just want to keep Pakistan in their Possession always. 

They know that Pakistan is a Golden Fish for them. they dont have a right to stay Sinlge Minute in Pakistan. Please a Humble Request to all Pakistani People that Please Now take Stand against These Politicians other wise they will also Snatch Our Breath from ourselves

So Open your eyes Now and Please awake up and safe Pakistan Now.Pakistan is Continuesly crying and need our help.So now come up and take your decision in Favor of Pakistan and Cast your Valuable and Precious Vote to Mr Imran Khan in Next Coming Election.

The Real Pictures Of Pakistani Politicians